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How is a Custom Mobile Cover Printed

How is a Custom Mobile Cover Printed

If you’re looking forward to buying a mobile back cover with photo or customized mobile back cover at 99 then several online platforms and websites offer this service. At Cover99 we have come up with the most premium solutions for creating a customized mobile cover for you.

Printing a design onto a mobile cover involves various processes, depending on the printing method chosen. Read the blog below to find everything related to the printing process of the custom mobile cover.

Methods for Printing a Customized Mobile Back Cover at 99

Printing customized phone back covers involves various processes. Here are some of the common methods used for printing mobile covers:

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is one of the most common methods for printing vibrant and long-lasting designs on mobile covers. During this process special sublimation inks are used, which turn into a gas when heated. The design is printed on a sublimation paper, and then it’s transferred onto the mobile cover using heat and pressure.

DTG Printing

Direct garment printing or DTG Printing is mostly used by fabric companies. This method is also used in the printing of mobile covers that are made up of fabric or fabric-like materials. This method is great for creating detailed and colorful designs. DTG printers work just like traditional inkjet printers by directly applying ink to the surface of the cover.

UV Printing

As the name suggests UV Printing involves making use of ultraviolet light to cure or dry ink instantly. Mobile covers are typically coated with a UV-sensitive substance. During the printing process, the printer puts ink onto the mobile cover then making use of UV lights the printing is done. UV printing provides sharp and durable prints on customized mobile covers.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of mobile cover printing. The process involves creating a stencil for each color in the design. In the next step, ink is then forced through the stencil onto the mobile cover using a squeegee. This is a cost-effective customized mobile back cover printing process. Using screen printing one can create customized mobile back cover at 99.

Buy Mobile Back cover with Photo at Cover99

If you are looking forward to buying a customized mobile back cover at 99 then you have come to the right place. At Cover99 you get a creative space where your ideas come to life. Elevate your smartphone game and turn heads with a custom mobile back cover that showcases your personality.

To get started navigate to Cover99’s website and select the option for custom mobile back covers. Select your phone model from the list of supported devices then choose the image you want to feature on your mobile back cover. Take a moment to preview your design and place the order. Congratulations! You’ve just ordered a mobile back cover that’s as unique as you are.


We hope you are well aware of the custom mobile cover printing process until now. Once you are familiar with the process you get to understand what goes behind customizing these beautiful phone covers. Turning a simple accessory into a unique work of art is special. So, the next time you reach for your smartphone, consider the story behind that personalized cover.

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